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Benefits Bulletin

In the March 2017 Bulletin you'll learn:

  • Why preventive screenings are crucial to your long-term health
  • Ways to save money on fitness classes
  • About upcoming lunch time workshops to help you retire well
  • ...and much more!

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Has Your Life Changed?

If you've experienced a qualifying life change, you may be able to change your benefit coverage.

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Health Care Benefits

Get full details about your 2016 and 2017 health care benefits:


Wellness Corner

Use the Vitality Website to:

  • Track your Vitality Points, Vitality Bucks, and Rewards
  • Earn points by participating in challenges, and playing games
  • Cash in your Vitality Bucks to get cool prizes and rewards
  • Learn tips and tricks for maximizing your health.

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Get numbers and websites for your benefit contacts:

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